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Over the last 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and learn about the Earth’s vast and awe-inspiring creatures. Throughout the years I’ve seen the “wild” shrink - virtually all animals are experiencing some sort of challenge due to habitat loss or environmental change. But there is good news! I’ve discovered that whenever you see an animal, there is almost always a hardworking person nearby looking out for its best interest (whether in a zoo, sanctuary, reserve or the wild). Although animals definitely have an instinct for survival, they can’t do it without our help.  

I’ve met so many passionate people who have dedicated their lives to the protection, rehabilitation, and conservation of animals. These animal advocates need financial support from people like you and me to continue their important work. The mission of Jack Hanna’s Heroes is to support the people and organizations that are working everyday to help make the world a better place for animals. 

As I continue to travel around the world to film and visit conservationists, I’m always in search of heroes that are in dire need of resources and funding. I invite you to be a hero to these people and the animals they’ve dedicated their lives to…and make a contribution today. 


Rolling Dog Ranch

The Rolling Dog Ranch in Montana is home to dozens of disabled and blind dogs, cats and horses. These are the animals who are the least likely to be adopted and among the most likely to be euthanized in traditional shelters. Rolling Dog was founded by Steve Smith and Alayne Marker in 2000, and with the help of volunteers, they work from sun up to sun down to ensure that the animals on the ranch live life to the fullest.


Sepilok Rebilitation Center

This young orangutan is learning to climb by playing on this “jungle gym” at Sepilok Rehabilitation Center in Sabah, Malaysia. The next step will be for the youngster to climb trees in the nearby forest, in hopes of being released back in to the wild someday. The orangs currently at Sepilok a rescued orphans or confiscated from the pet trade. Staff and volunteers from all over the world, some with more than 20 years of experience, care for the orangutans until they are able to care for themselves.


For more information, please send inquiries to info@jackhanna.com.

To make a donation by check, please make the check payable to Jack Hanna’s Heroes and mail to:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Attn: Jack Hanna
PO Box 400
Powell, OH 43065


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